Triskele has only one simple rule: you may slide your token to any unoccupied square adjacent to yours (including diagonals). You win by getting three in a row or in a “triskele” (triangular) pattern, depending on your options. Only the center nine (3×3) squares are playable; the outer squares are the “starting gates” for your pieces.

The registered version of Triskele offer several variations. These are changeable via the Options button on the splash screen.

WINNING: You can specify the winning patterns: any combination of orthogonal (left-right, up-down), diagonal, or triskele (three in a triangle pattern, with the top token in the middle or one of the corners). Default is orthogonal + diagonal (like tic-tac-toe).

STACKING: Normally, a square must be empty to move onto it. When STACK is selected, you can place your piece on top of another (only one stack is allowed at a time). When STACKED, the square counts for both players, and either player can move their piece off of it. PIN mode is the same as STACK, only the player underneath (who is “pinned”) cannot move until the piece above is moved off. The square still belongs to both players.

Game statistics are shown on the side. They reset when Triskele is closed and restarted.

Or, you can play against another person and turn off rules checking entirely (“FREE PLAY”), then set the number of tokens to whatever you like (up to 5) and play it just like you would a board game, placing the tokens anywhere you want. You can play tic-tac-toe, four-across, mini-checkers, or anything you and your friend can make up! NOTE: Triskele is not playable over the Internet. At least, not yet. :)

Enjoy playing Triskele!