Although Triskele is very simple, winning is a matter of strategy. Unlike tic-tac-toe, where you can place your O or X wherever you want, in Triskele you have only 3 tokens and can move them only one square at a time.

You can’t win without all three tokens on the board, so move your tokens onto the center 3×3 squares as quickly as possible. If you get the chance, try to lock your opponent off the board (see below). Note that this may not work if you have Stacking or Pinning on: unless there is already a stack on the board, he can simply move on top of your piece, possibly pinning you in the process.


Let me on!!

As in tic-tac-toe, the center square is usually the most important, so try to get there.

There are some arrangements you must try to avoid, or better yet, try to maneuver your opponent into.


Yep, I’m screwed…

As you can see, no matter where white moves next, black can win in the next move.

If you are playing Stack or Pin, remember that both sides own the square! It’s easy to lose if you forget that!